Smoked Bacon Wrapped Oreos

I recently saw in a Facebook group that this guy had posted a picture he found somewhere on the internet of bacon wrapped Oreos.  I then saw in another group that someone else has posted the exact same photo of bacon wrapped Oreos.  Yet, I could not find anyone that had actually took the time out of their day to perform the task of making bacon wrapped Oreos. 

I really could not find anyone on the internet that really went into depth on how it was done.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


  •  Buy Oreos .   While I did not actually know this there is a boat load of Oreo versions out there.   Allegedly, there is a golden maple Oreo.  I set out to find these, but I had no luck.  So, I went with the regular ones. I would not recommend the double ones because then you would have to buy a lot more bacon for the bacon wrapped Oreos
  • Buy some bacon.  I went with the maple bacon because I could not find the maple Oreos.
  • Open the bacon and cut the whole thing of bacon in half.  You will only wrap each Oreo with half a piece of bacon. (To save calories lol) but seriously it fits perfectly around the Oreo
  • When making the bacon wrapped Oreos here is one tip.  Do not wrap them to tight because they will squish the chocolate.  Also don’t use tongs because it will also squish the chocolate when flipping
Bacon wrapped oreos on wire rack to put on the grill
  • I also add them to a wire wrack before I added them to my Kamado Joe
  • Set your grill to be around 245-250 degrees and I cooked them for about 45 Minutes. I took them off when the bacon was done
  • I also did flip them over after 30 minutes so the bacon would get a little more cooked evenly.  When Flipping them I did use a butter knife and spoon.  For some reason that seemed to work better
  • When I took them off I let them cool for about an hour.

Final result Pic

Smoked bacon wrapped Oreo's finished product

Things I would try the next time I do bacon wrapped Oreos.

  • I would try to smoke them with maybe a peach wood, cherry wood, or a maybe even maple.
  • I would consider using the gas grill (don’t judge me) maybe with a smoking box
  • I did try using a few of them in the air fryer and that worked pretty well and it was done a lot quicker
  • I would like to try the different flavors of Oreos (golden, maple, lemon etc.)

At the end of the day some people will say that they would never do it because the two should not be mixed together. I was sort of stand offish about it also, but I have to say that the smoked bacon wrapped Oreo’s were a hit at the party and I will definitely be doing them again

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